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    I cannot speak highly enough for this service. As a person with disability i am unable to take my three corgi family to a groomer. Aloha come to me and shazam a spa day for the kids! Outstanding friendly service Big paws up!

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    I was in TEARS today while my Bloodhound was being given the full service treatment.
    SOOOOO excited to have a new groomer that can easily handle my very large dog, and his anxiety issues over having his nails trimmed!
    In a matter of minutes I was texted a picture of my Houston saying his nails were done........really????? OMG NO ONE has been able to accomplish this. Houston has had to be sedated (all the way asleep) to have his Vet trim his nails.
    Five adults trying to hold down a drugged up dog have failed. Houston has been banned from many groomers because he turns into psycho dog when his nails are touched.
    Randy Hess you are the BEST! You were a miracle worker with my Houston Hound. Thank you so so so much! You have new customers for life!
    P.S. Randy Hess said he would not even try to do Houston's nails if I gave him any anxiety medicine.
    Who could turn that down? I hate having to medicate my dog.

  • *****

    Randy arrived on time and ready to work. He scooped up our Bijon, showed me the inside of his van (WOW), and asked for my preferences. Super nice guy who knows his business. My dog looks better than he has in a long time, is soft, and smells good. No trauma or drama from our little dog after. Couldn't find a brick & mortar shop that could give an appointment until January. Book now...he's filling up fast.

  • *****

    This was the best decision I ever made. It is so convenient having the groomer come to our house and I know our dog is not left in a cage. Randy is professional and takes care to ensure your dog's comfort. Our dog has terrible hip dysplasia which makes jumping and being lifted off the ground painful - Randy's grooming table goes to the ground so he can step on. My dog looked great afterward, but even more importantly, he was in good spirits and still liked Randy. Usually he can't get away from the groomer fast enough! I will definitely be using Randy from now on.

  • *****

    Aloha was easy to schedule, no long wait, which is important when you have a stinky puppy. Randy was on time, wonderful with Bentley and clearly a seasoned professional. How great to have this resource on the island and all at my house! Will be booking with Randy again before his schedule fills up.

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    I couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience! The owners are extremely personable and sincere when they say "You're fur baby is in good hands". I was nervous about my Chihuahua with unknown people, but they instantly became friends. (Not always the case ?) They took the time to do a scissor haircut on her, and it looked fantastic! We won't be going anywhere else moving forward. The convince and service is absolutely well worth the price.

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    Randy and Jamie just arrived here from Hawaii about a month ago. Randy has 25 years of experience grooming dogs. They have a brand new full service mobile Doggy Grooming Service here in Kitsap County.

    The list of treatments that they give a dog amount to more treatments than I've ever given myself. I mean they gave my dog a blueberry facial wash...seriously. And they did all of the things that he needed besides just cutting his raggedy looking poodle hair. They did his nails, cleaned his tear stained crusty eyes, cleaned his ears, expressed his anal glands, shampood the dog odor off of him, and they gave him a decent cut.

    Their home base is in Silverdale but they came all the way out to Kingston (which is about as far north as you can get) to take care of my dog. I am now going to be a regular customer with them. I got a first-time customer discount, which was good because they are pricey. And it was nice to be able to test them out without having to pay the full price.

    They did a real good job. They showed up on time. They did exactly what they said they would do. They answered questions very well. My dog looks and smells good. They completed the job on time.

    They are super nice and friendly people. Plus they gave me some chocolates from Hawaii. Oh, and I do need to underscore the fact that it's nice that they're willing to come from Silverdale.

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